4 Princess costumes for adults that you didn’t know existed

Custom_Pocahontas_Costume_by_kagami101Did you always want to dress up like fairy tale princesses but never got the chance as a kid? You will be glad to know that it’s not too late to fulfill your childhood dream. Apart from the dresses available for little girls, there is also a huge selection of princess costumes for adults available in the market. From all-time classics like Snowwhite and Rapunzel to recent Disney princesses like Merida from Brave and Elsa from Frozen, you can pretty much find a costume for every major princess characters. If you are not too keen on dressing up like animated Disney characters, you can even go the Star Wars way and dress up like Princess Leia. All you need is a bit of imagination and these dresses will transport you to fairyland helping you have some royal fun with your loved ones. If you don’t know what you are looking for, here’s our list of 4 princess cosplay costumes for adults from every corner of the fantasy world. We have intentionally kept the classic ones out of our list


Pocahontas (Pochahontas): Apart from being a real life historical character, Disney’s Pocahontas had a dress that was uniquely different. The dress contains traditional Native American design and features like asymmetrical sleeves and tan high heeled Indian boots with fringes. The look of the character is complete with the tan headband and traditional look string belt.


Jasmine (Alladin): From the magical kingdom of Agrabah, Jasmine was a character that looked beautiful even in 2D animation. She donned a blue top and a pair of matching harem pants. However, to get the complete look you would have to visit a parlor to match Jasmine’s distinct yet amazing hair style.


Fiona (Shrek): You have to admit, Fiona is probably the cutest ogre in all the Shrek movies. Even though she is not as sophisticated as other princesses in the Disney world she has a style and persona that enchants everyone. Her simple yet elegant dress is a break from the traditional floral designs and reflects her down to earth character. As seen in the movies, Fiona’s dress is green decorated with golden lines and dots.


Merida (Brave): Merida is one of the few princesses that played a leading role in a movie. Even though the movies was set in middle ages, the character represented the modern women who are independent enough to take on any role. As seen in the movie Brave, the dress is velvety green and has a distinct triangular front panel that’s lined with brown fur. To complete the look get hold of bow and arrow preferably from the Disney’s Brave collection.