Cosplay idea How To Wear A Cosplay Wig?

Tips: You also need to treat your hair carefully if your wig is not of a high quality. You also need to maintain your cosplay wig carefully to extend the life span of your hair. I believe there is no people want their wig can be used just one time, so you need to care your wig carefully and thoroughly.

Putting on the wig cap:

First: Thoroughly wash your hair wetly. Then twist your hair in a ponytail if your hair is too long.

Second: Pull a wig cap on. Start from the back of your head if you have a lot of hair in a ponytail. This will help you keep your ponytail on the top of your head.

Third: make sure much of your hair is stuffed under your wig cap.

Putting on the wig:

First: Holding the hair with both of your hands, make your two hands’ back face together. Then make your fingers inside the wig and your thumbs outside the wig. This will help you wear your wig easily.

Second: place the scalp line against your forehead, just above your two eyebrows. You need to pay attention to this point because this decides that whether you can wear you wig in a correct place! Then tilt your head forward and stretch your wig cap by your two hands, then wear the cosplay wig on your head.

Checking if your cosplay wig is in a suitable place:

Checking the back of your head: pull the back of the cosplay wig down until it covers the back of your wig cap. To know your cosplay wig is safe to go out, you can jump up and down or shake your head from side to side. If your cosplay wig still lies on your head silently, your wig is worn by your perfectly.