Cosplay is basically the act of dressing up as a character usually from an animation,manga comics,or video games.Its is a social hobby,with events and conversations where cosplayers and photographers meet and mingle.But what exactly would drive an otherwise normal person to spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars to go out in public looking like a cartoon cat in a frilly apron?

For one thing, it’s fun to go out in an cosplay costume.And certainly there is an element of escapism at work here.Japan’s famous rigid society with its strict roles and roles is in the midst of major changes.Many feel that cosplay is an escape from uncertain times and rejection of the status quo.In the world of cosplay,there are always options and endless possibilities,and the boundaries that stifle in the real world fall away.One’s identity and future are not set on a stone-the girl in the dress can zip into a changing room and emerge as a camouflaged action heroine.Girls become boys and vice versa.Whether dressed as their inner-selves or polar opposites,they are going all the way with it,which is in a strange way admirable.After all,if you love something why not wear it?an if you are wearing it why not be it?