Tips for vacationing in Disney cosplay costumes

Cosplay is where a person dresses up as their favorite cartoon or comic book character and ensures that their behaviour matches that of the character they have dressed up as. It involves getting the clothes and accessories that the character wears and dressing up in them. People who engage in such activities are known as cosplayers. Some people like to dress up in Disney cosplay costumes. Well known across the world, the Walt Disney company is responsible for bringing to you cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse. Fans of these cartoons frequently dress up as their favorite cartoons. There are a number of tips that you should follow if you intend to cosplay in Disney.

Avoid dressing up as Disney or ensure your costume is inaccurate

in Disneyworld, there are a number of employees who already dress up as the characters from the Walt Disney cartoons. As such, cosplayers are prohibited from wearing Disney cosplay costumes that are identical to the ones that these employees wear. If you are a fan of any given Disney cartoon, you can create a costume that is inspired by your favorite cartoon. However, do not make the costume too accurate and similar to the cartoon.

Do not wear full face masks and keep face paint to a minimum

If you visit Disneyland in cosplay, It is important to ensure that your natural face is visible. This is for security reasons. Masks are not condoned at theDisney theme parks. Also, if you have to wear face paint as part of your cosplay, keep the paint to a minimum. This is also for security reasons.

Keep a low profile

when you visit Disneyland in cosplay, it is easy for other visitors to think that you are part of the Disneyland staff. They may ask for autographs or want to take pictures. Disneyland does not condone visitors posing as staff. This is because they want to preserve the Disneyland experience and keep it as genuine as possible. Therefore, visitors are prohibited from posing as staff since they will not deliver a genuine Disney experience. As such, if you visit in cosplay, keep a low profile and act like the visitor you are.

If you are recognized, go along with it

If you visit Disneyland in cosplay, there are high chances that people will recognize the character you are playing. Thus, they will interact with you. When they do, act out your favorite character.