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Disney Aladdin Costumes

We all watched cartoons while we were little. Even though Aladdin is an 90's cartoon, every generation watched it. Aladdin is not only known for his wild adventures and the love of his life, Princess Jasmine, but for their unique styling as well.Their Arabian styled costume will evoke your childhood memories. It is fitted for every size and age.With Aladdin's costume set you will get a red durashape fez hat, a purple waistcoat, orange sash and white pantaloons.While Aladdin's costume is simple, princess Jasmine's is a bit more complicated.With Princess Jasmine's costume set you will get a sky blue harem top with a yellow collar, sky blue harem pants, blue headbands, jeweled choker, a sky blue sash and wrist cuffs.It is an ideal costume for a couple themed costume party because they are lightweight and well known so No one will ask you the embarassing "Who are you supposed to be?" question.

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