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Disney Brave Costumes

Merida is unique among Disney princesses for having a very warrior-like look. The only other princess to have a similar look was Mulan, but even she has her own "formal" princess gown. Despite the more toned down look, however, the Merida Brave costume goes great with a lot of accessories, especially toy swords and bows and arrows. The costume is also easy to wear, and generally offers more movement than, say, Cinderella or Ariel's dresses. Merida's medieval gown doesn't have a lot ribbons, laces or accessories, but it still has plenty of style. Despite its simplicity, Merida's gown is unique in the sense that it's the most distinctly medieval themed costume among all Disney princesses. So if your girls are going to a medieval themed costume party, this is one costume that is great for the occasion. The same is true for Halloween and Disney birthday parties. After all, Merida was a party girl.

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