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Princess and Frog Costumes

Princess Tiana from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" wears lovely flowing dresses which are every girl's dream. The most popular dress features a strapless top with a long skirt which flares from the waist to the floor. The skirt consists of three layers of contrasting colors in shades of green, pale green and white arranged to resemble a lily blossom and leaves lying on a lily pad. The underskirt is undecorated and may be green or white. The next tier is cut like elongated leaves with their points going to the skirt bottom. These leaves are positioned far enough apart to reveal the underskirt. An apron-like top layer displays material draped like lily petals which cover the upper half of the skirt. Standing "petals" cup around the chest and back to complete the top. A green ribbon cinches the waist and is tied off on one side with a large lily blossom with a trailing stem and leaves. The costume is completed with a tiara of lily petals attached to a green head band. Green and white sandals adorn the feet.

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